Registration costs and fees

There are certain core costs and fees involved in registering a Plan Vivo project with the Plan Vivo Foundation. The Plan Vivo Foundation is a registered charity and fees are designed to cover costs only. Registration costs including validation estimates are shown in the table below:

Plan Vivo Foundation fees




Project Idea Note (PIN) review Desk review by the Plan Vivo Foundation $1000 (for all projects)*
Project Design Document review (including one Technical Specification) Desk review by the Plan Vivo Foundation; peer review by Technical Advisory Group

$250 (for macroscale projects)

$2000 (for microscale projects)**

Additional Tech Spec Review Desk Review by the Plan Vivo Foundation; peer review by Technical Advisory Group

$0 (for macroscale projects)

$1000 (for microscale projects)*

PDD / Tech Spec Updates Desk review by the Plan Vivo Foundation and wider group of experts Variable 
Validation Coordination & Report Review Desk review and finalisation of project registration by Plan Vivo Foundation

Macroscale validations and verifications: $500

Microscale validation: $1,500

Microscale verification: $2,500

Annual Report Review Review of Annual Reports

For projects issuing PVCs: $0 

For projects not issuing PVCs: $500

Registration Registration of projects

For projects issuing PVCs: Variable

For projects not issuing PVCs: Variable

Issuance Fees Cost associated with issuing Plan Vivo Certificates, per issuance volume band ≤50,000 PVC p.a. = $0.40/PVC  

>50,000 PVC p.a. = $0.35/PVC  

>250,000 PVC p.a. = $0.30/PVC 

Conversion (of credits)   $0.05 / conversion (tbc)  

Methodology or Framework review 


Registration fee (once off) for VVBs: $500

Registration fee (once off) for Independent Experts: $100


Registration fee (one off): $800 

Annual fee: $800

*Fees for PIN and PDD reviews do not include bank transaction fees.                                                                                

**Please note: costs and fees vary for microscale and macroscale projects due to varying factors. In the case of PDDs - Microscale projects require more support and guidance from Plan Vivo Foundation, hence the cost of a PDD review is higher for a Microscale project.                                                          

Development costs

Project development costs can vary considerably depending on the size, location and complexity of the project. It also depends on the technical capacity of the project coordinator, as a technical expert will be required for the creation of the technical specifications (see Registration Process for more information about project documentation types), and so one may need to be hired if the project coordinator does not hold this capacity internally.

To fund these initial development costs, a project coordinator may want to seek start-up funding (see below).


Audit costs

To ensure that projects meet the Plan Vivo Standard, and continue to do so in their lifetime, projects must undergo periodic 3rd-party audits. This consists of a validation prior to project registration, then verifications every 5 years thereafter. The cost of these events is highly situational-dependent, varying on project size, remoteness and intervention types. For more information, please see the Validation & Verification page or contact the Plan Vivo projects team: [email protected]


Operational costs

The size of project operational costs depend on the scale and nature of the project. To access example information on other projects’ running costs, project developers can read existing Plan Vivo project Annual Reports (found on the individual project pages), which include information on running costs and distribution of benefits within the project. Comparison against their situation may better help you understand what your project's costs may be.


Project start-up funding

The Plan Vivo Foundation does not provide start-up funding to projects.

Information on funding can be found at the following websites:

Climate Funds Update Provides information on international fund initiatives, including lists of previously funded projects.

Terra Viva Grants Directory develops and manages information about grants for agriculture, energy, environment, and natural resources in developing countries.

Current projects have sourced start-up funding (for initial project development costs) from sources including DFID, USAID, the EU, the Waterloo Foundation, Darwin Initiative, and from up-front payments or investment by purchasers.


For all project related enquiries, please email [email protected]


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