For us it was an obvious choice

“For us it was an obvious choice” The Map’s Edge is a Tanzania-based, owner-operated safari company with strong ethical and environmental values. They design professionally guided, tailor-made adventures throughout East Africa, drawing on their exceptional expertise on the ground. Jules Knocker from the Map’s Edge shares with us why they offset with our Yaeda Valley […]

Meet our farmers: Sekanakoni Sikaliyoti, Malawi

Name: Sekanakoni Sikaliyoti Community: Dzoole District: Dowa Country: Malawi   Year Planted (Vintage): 2010 Activity Type: Woodlot and Boundary Planting Trees Planted: 4 hectares and 22 x 100m sections Carbon Benefit: 780 tCO2 Earnings to Date: $449 Expected Earnings: $3,432   Sekanakoni Sikaliyoti is from Dzoole, Dowa, Malawi. Sekanakoni joined Trees of Hope in 2008, as […]

AMBIO wins National Forestry Merit Award 2013

The AMBIO Cooperative has received the National Forestry Merit Award 2013 in the ‘Civil Society Organisations’ category. The Mexican Government award was presented by the Present of the Republic, Enrique Peña Nieto, on the ‘day of the tree’. It recognizes more than 15 years accompanying communities and small scale farmers from Chiapas through programs and […]

ECOTRUST Initiates Carbon Bank

With funding from UNDP Regional Office, ECOTRUST has embarked on a process to develop a carbon bank; a facility that will support local communities’ access to ecosystem markets. The facility will be established based on lessons learned from the implementation of the Plan Vivo certified Trees for Global Benefit project, now in its tenth year. […]

Trees for Global Benefits Project wins Low Carbon SEED Award

The Plan Vivo Trees for Global Benefit Project in Uganda (coordinated by Ecotrust) has won the 2013 Low Carbon SEED Award! Founded in 2002 by UNEP, UNDP, and IUCN, SEED identifies and supports innovative locally driven start-up enterprises that integrate social, environmental and economic benefits into their business models. The Trees for Global Benefit project […]

August 2012 | Ambio shortlisted for 2012 Equator Prize

Ambio shortlisted for 2012 Equator Prize a Cooperativa Ambio, the Mexican organisation that coordinate the Scolel’Te project (the longest running Plan Vivo project), was shortlisted for the prestigous Equator Prize run by the United Nations Environment Programme. The Equtor Prize was created to recognise and reward outstanding local initiatives that are working to advance sustainable development […]