Carbon investors and smallholders: a symbiotic relationship

Ina Porras, Senior Researcher at IIED, recently published a briefing paper examining the relationship between carbon investors and smallholders in the context of the Plan Vivo system. She examined how Plan Vivo projects offer PV certificate buyers an opportunity to align their carbon offsetting efforts with the recently adopted UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Many […]

Plan Vivo Stakeholder Meeting 2015

The Plan Vivo Stakeholder Meeting 2015 was held on September 28-29, 2015 in Sigtuna, Sweden. The biennial meeting was held a few days after the official adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also called Global Goals, on the 25th of September in New York City. The SDGs are a global commitment to transform the […]

Upcoming Event: Plan Vivo Stakeholder Meeting 2015

The Plan Vivo Foundation (PVF) is celebrating its biennial Stakeholder conference – a great opportunity to share successes, discuss challenges and set a roadmap for the coming years. Scandinavian, and in particular Swedish organisations, have shown determined leadership when it comes to climate change and wider sustainability efforts. In honour of their and Zeromission’s support […]

Smallholders and Payments for Ecosystem Services: ESPA Flyer

As part of the recent conference on Payments for Ecosystem Services, IIED produced a flyer examining the link between ecosystems, business models and value chains. Moreover, the brief reviewed factors that contribute to success of PES schemes. Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES) is a mechanism that rewards landholders and communities for managing their natural resources […]

One-day capacity building workshop on “Insetting”

Insetting Event, Nov. 10th, London For many companies, suppliers are just as important as the consumers who buy their products. An exciting new approach links farmers to end buyers along procurement chains in a direct way, by creating and transferring carbon offsets, in return for Payments for Ecosystem Services for farming and forestry activities. This […]

Carbon offsetting as a driver for growth – the story of Max Hamburger

“The fast food industry is a part of the problem. So we’d like to be part of the solution and challenge the industry in acting.” Richard Bergfors, CEO Max Hamburger Restaurants Max Hamburgers is a family-owned Swedish company with more than 100 restaurants in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Established by Curt Bergfors in 1968, Max […]

Climate Justice and Plan Vivo

As our latest video highlights, the Plan Vivo Standard is at the forefront of delivering climate justice. So far millions of dollars of climate finance has been channeled transparently and equitably to resource poor rural communities through our projects with much more in the pipeline. This was the key focus of our recent stakeholder meeting – the summary and report of which […]

2013 Plan Vivo Standard Launched

The Plan Vivo Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of the 2013 version of the Plan Vivo Standard for Community Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES). This version builds upon Plan Vivo’s two decades of experience in connecting rural communities to the voluntary carbon market, by providing resource poor communities with a robust and pragmatic […]

Source Climate Change Coffee

Source Climate Change Coffee, a first of its kind product which not only offers great taste, but is also ethically sourced, protects biodiversity, and preserves rainforests, has now been launched. For every bag of Source Climate Change Coffee purchased, participants in the Plan Vivo Scolel Té project plant trees to balance its carbon footprint.   […]

Watch the Plan Vivo video

Find out more about how Plan Vivo works, and hear from some of the communities involved, from Latin America, to Africa, and Asia, who are at the heart of the network, by watching this short video.