2013 Plan Vivo Standard Launched

The Plan Vivo Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of the 2013 version of the Plan Vivo Standard for Community Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES).

This version builds upon Plan Vivo’s two decades of experience in connecting rural communities to the voluntary carbon market, by providing resource poor communities with a robust and pragmatic framework to access the voluntary carbon market, and markets for other ecosystem services such as biodiversity and watershed services. The Standard is designed to ensure that Plan Vivo projects benefit livelihoods, enhance ecosystems and protect biodiversity.

The Plan Vivo Standard 2013 has been developed following a year-long consultation with stakeholders including Plan Vivo project coordinators, developers, and supporters of Plan Vivo projects. Key features of the Standard include increased emphasis on meaningful participation and ownership by communities, its suitability for landscape level PES schemes, and the ability to certify projects generating non-carbon ecosystem services.

Download Plan Vivo Standard 2013

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