Our Mission

The Plan Vivo Foundation is a registered Scottish charity, set up to develop and oversee the Plan Vivo Standard and System and to lobby for Plan Vivo principles.

The Foundation’s charitable aims are:

Uganda Trees

      • Relieving poverty in developing countries through engaging rural communities in sustainable land-use projects
      • Promoting environmental protection and improvement through biodiversity conservation and the restoration, protection and management of terrestrial ecosystems
      • Building local capacity through the transfer of knowledge, skills and resources to developing countries

The Plan Vivo Foundation has the competence and responsibility to:

      • Take all decisions on the registration and status of projects
      • Annually review projects and coordinate third-party validation and approve verifiers
      • Approve technical specifications and coordinate reviews by experts
      • Issue Plan Vivo Certificates in respect of ecosystem services generated and record all issuances in a registry
      • Review, update and develop the Plan Vivo Standard in consultation with stakeholders
      • Maintain and disseminate clear and up-to-date information about the Plan Vivo System, Standards and projects
      • Lobby for pro-poor, participatory approaches to forest management and land-use.