Plan Vivo

Continued Oversight

Download a summary of Plan Vivo project registration and review procedures

Annual  – Project Reports

Plan Vivo projects submit annual reports to the Foundation to describe progress, share experiences and demonsttrate continued confirmance with the Plan Vivo Standard. Reports enable the Foundation to check the project is continuing to monitor and make payments to communities and involve communities in project workshops and meetings.

Download the latest Annual Report template here.

Every 5 years (minimum) – Verification

Verifiers assess a project’s continued performance against the Plan Vivo Standard and achievement of expected emissions reductions. Verification is required within 5 years  of project registration and at least every 5 years thereafter. Verifiers are chosen by projects but must be approved by the Plan Vivo Foundation.

Approval of Verifiers 

The Plan Vivo Foundation will approve verifiers that:

  • Have appropriate experience and expertise in community-based Payments for Ecosystem Service projects;
  • Have documented experience in verifying GHG reductions and using sustainability metrics;
  • Are accredited by an appropriate authority such as the CDM, ISO 14065, FSC