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External reference materials


The Plan Vivo Foundation recommends the following external documents and links for guidance in developing payments for ecosystem services programmes:


PES literature and tools


Methodological guidance


Developing baselines (Afforestation, reforestation, agroforestry)

  • ECCM Protocol: Baseline survey for agroforestry projects. Berry, 2008. Download
  • Winrock Sourcebook for Land Use, Land-Use Change and Forestry. Download
  • Bibliography for Carbon Sequestration and Biomass Estimation. Download
  • Approved small-scale CDM afforestation/reforestation methodologies: Go to CDM web-page

Carbon modelling tools

  • ECCM Protocol: Estimating tree growth. Berry, 2008. Download
  • ECCM Protocol: Carbon modelling for afforestation and reforestation projects. Berry, 2008. Download

CO2FIX is a tool which can be used to quantify the carbon stocks and fluxes in forest biomass, soil organic matter and the wood products chain. Included are also a bioenergy module, a financial module and a carbon accounting module. The model is applicable to afforestation projects and agroforestry systems, and this provides a useful tool for Plan Vivo projects. The model is freely available from the web, together with examples and guidance documents.

Monitoring performance

  • MacDicken (1997) A Guide to Monitoring Carbon Storage in Forestry and Agroforestry Projects. Download.
  • Verplanke, J.J. and E. Zahabu, Eds. 2009: A Field Guide for Assessing and Monitoring Reduced Forest Degradation and Carbon Sequestration by Local Communities. Download


  • Ecometrica Protocol: Above-ground biomass survey for projects that aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation and forest degradation. 2009. Download
  • BioCarbon Fund Methodology for Estimating Reductions of GHG Emissions from Mosaic Deforestation. Download.
  • Coming soon: Plan Vivo REDD+ methodology.

A Plan Vivo REDD+ methodology is currently under development, bringing together experience of REDD+ project development so far in Plan Vivo projects. It will be released for stakeholder review in October 2011.



Community-led design

Guidance on involving communities in the design and development of activities, and communicating carbon finance and PES to smallholders and communities.

  • ICRAFImproving carbon initiatives aimed at smallholders: Addressing opportunities and challenges through better communication- go to document.
  • Evans, Kristen et al. (2006) Guide to participatory tools for forest communities

Bogor, Indonesia: Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR), 2006. Download.

  • Lynman et al (2007) A review of tools for incorporating community knowledge, preferences, and values into decision making in natural resources management. Ecology and Society 12(1): 5.  -go to document




Selecting Species

The database provides detailed information on 670 agroforestry tree species in order to help field workers and researchers in selecting appropriate species for agroforestry systems and technologies. For each species, the database includes information on identity, ecology and distribution, propagation and management, functional uses, pests and diseases and a bibliography.




Socio-economic and biodiversity impact monitoring

  • Landscape Measures: A collection of guidance and tools on assessing biodiversity and livelihood outcomes of natural resource management initiatives. http://www.landscapemeasures.info

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