Durian Rambun – Indonesia


The Durian Rambun project, developed and coordinated by Fauna & Flora International (FFI) and other local NGOs, is a REDD+ project protecting the Rio Kemunyang village forest (Hutan Desa) in Jambi. The project has been developed according to the principles laid out under the Plan Vivo Standard is awaiting registration (est. Q2 2016).

The project has 'Hutan Desa' status securing land tenure and community rights for local communities. The overall size of the Hutan Desa is 3,616 ha, with a 2,516 ha protection zone and a 1,100 rehabilitation zone. Estimated carbon benefits are 6,618 tCO2e per annum.

Project activities include enrichment planting, protection of natural regeneration of native species, tree planting and agroforestry improvement. The communities are involved through forest patrolling activities and sustainable forest management. The project aims to set up sustainable enterprises focusing on improving coffee production and onsite processing.

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Biodiversity Benefits

The project aims to protect the habitat of many of the local fauna and flora while at the same time improving the soils of the forest. Through avoided deforestation and better forest protection, soil fertility is likely to improve while reducing soil erosion. Moreover, through sustainable forest management, ecosystems will become more resilient leading to better water quality for local communities and prevention of floods or drought.

Livelihoods Benefits

The project has been key in securing rights for participating communities. Moreover, the project aims to open up diverse income streams for local communities through the sale of non-timber forest products, which will be sustainably managed by local communities. Other project activities include several agroforestry interventions aimed at strengthening local agriculture that will lead to increased food security, better nutrition and health for project participants.

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Location: Jambi, Indonesia

Area under Management:3,616 ha, with a 2,516 ha protection zone and a 1,100 rehabilitation zone.

Intervention: REDD+

Participants: 1 community


PIN accepted December 2012

Validation closed, Pending Registration

Estimated Registration Q2 2017


Coordinator: Fauna & Flora International

Web: http://www.fauna-flora.org/explore/indonesia/

Contact: info@fauna-flora.org