Where to Purchase Plan Vivo Certificates

Plan Vivo is the standard of choice for companies interested in ethical carbon offsetting and supporting projects with unique social and ecosystem benefits. By purchasing Plan Vivo Certificates, businesses can compensate ethically for their footprint as part of their voluntary climate action or corporate social responsibility, and be assured that their support creates real benefits for the rural poor. Plan Vivo Certificates can also be sourced from a number of retailers and brokers, who often provide additional services such as carbon footprinting and advice on carbon reductions. A list of registered Plan Vivo Resellers can be found below. Registered Plan Vivo Resellers endorse Plan Vivo principles, abide by the Plan Vivo Code of Good Practice for Resellers (available upon request), and are committed to supporting sustainable development and participatory approaches to land-use change.

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CLEVEL works to change thinking in business. The starting point is to enable our clients to become Carbon Balanced by working on both reduction and offsetting. This brings clear commercial benefits. Our business ecosystems approach focusses on relationships and helps align the business with natural systems as well as enhancing opportunities for digital marketing. We enable teams to collaborate and embrace change.
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Sedici Alberi

SeDiciAlberi aims to contribute to CO2 emission reduction and to achieve sustainable development by offering customers (companies and individuals) the compensation of CO2 footprints through the purchase of carbon credits from reforestation projects.

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ZeroMission is a leading sustainability consulting firm in Sweden and the leading reseller of Plan Vivo Certificates globally. As a “catalyst for good business” ZeroMission offers a range of services including carbon foot-printing, climate strategies, training programmes and carbon offsetting. Their experience is that companies gain new insights, motivation and competitiveness from taking responsibility for their climate impact.
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Carbon Offsets To Alleviate Poverty (COTAP) is a U.S.-based, IRS 501(c)3 public charity whose mission is to empower individuals and organizations to take action on both climate change and global poverty by connecting their unavoidable carbon emissions with forestry projects which create life-changing income for the world’s poorest people. Contact COTAP


STOKE (Sustainable Tourism & Outdoors Kit for Evaluation), a Social Purpose Corporation, is the first sustainability certification body with standards built specifically for surf and ski tourism operators, destinations, and events. STOKE empowers its members to calculate their footprint and connect with carbon offset projects in coastal and alpine ecosystems to help transition this passionate voluntary market to decarbonization.

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PrimaKlima logo
PrimaKlima-weltweit- e.V. was founded as a registered non-profit organisation in 1991. PrimaKlima aims to lower the anthropological greenhouse effect and effectively protect the climate by; reducing current greenhouse gas emissions, especially CO2 emissions, neutralizing greenhouse gas emissions that couldn’t be avoided, reducing the level of greenhouse gas concentration to pre-industrial figures. With its team, which is working on a strictly voluntary basis, as well as consultants with expertise in the subject matter, PrimaKlima realizes afforestation and forest protection projects with partners on site globally.
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United Bank of Carbon is a collaboration between established, responsible businesses and leading environmental academics who, together, aim to reduce climate change by protecting the world’s rainforests and their peoples. Contact UBoC

Purchase Certificates Directly from Projects

Plan Vivo Certificates can be purchased directly by contacting the project coordinator organisation. Find contact details on each project page, or contact the Plan Vivo Foundation for assistance. All purchasers receive Plan Vivo Certificates electronically via the Markit Environmental Registry as well as printable certificate recognising the purchase.