Where to Purchase Plan Vivo Certificates

Plan Vivo is the standard of choice for companies interested in ethical carbon offsetting and supporting projects with unique social and ecosystem benefits. By purchasing Plan Vivo Certificates, businesses can compensate ethically for their footprint as part of their voluntary climate action or corporate social responsibility, and be assured that their support creates real benefits for the rural poor. Plan Vivo Certificates can also be sourced from a number of retailers and brokers, who often provide additional services such as carbon footprinting and advice on carbon reductions. A list of registered Plan Vivo Resellers can be found below. Registered Plan Vivo Resellers endorse Plan Vivo principles, abide by the Plan Vivo Code of Good Practice for Resellers (available upon request), and are committed to supporting sustainable development and participatory approaches to land-use change.

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Purchase Certificates Directly from Projects

Plan Vivo Certificates can be purchased directly by contacting the project coordinator organisation. Find contact details on each project page, or contact the Plan Vivo Foundation for assistance. All purchasers receive Plan Vivo Certificates electronically via the Markit Environmental Registry as well as printable certificate recognising the purchase.