Plan Vivo

Plan Vivo Registry

Plan Vivo Certificates are issued, tracked and retired through the Markit Environmental Registry.

The Registry enables buyers to both view and manage their environmental credits, and ensures against double-selling by giving each credit a unique serial number.

The Markit Plan Vivo Registry:

  • Lists Plan Vivo projects and documents
  • Facilitates Plan Vivo Certificate issuance
  • Enables the easy and transparent transfer and retirement of Plan Vivo Certificates

Click here to view the registry.

For information on how to manage your Plan Vivo Certificates in the Registry, download the Markit Registry User Guide.

Purchasers of Plan Vivo Certificates that wish to resell or further manage their Plan Vivo Certificates can do so by opening an account in the Registry for free (join the registry), specifying that a Plan Vivo account only is required.

Purchasers not wishing to further manage or resell Plan Vivo Certificates (purchasing to ‘retire’) do not need to open an account, and will have their credits retired in their name in the registry, in the relevant project’s account.