Plan Vivo Annual Report FY 2015-2016

The latest Annual Report (FY 2015-2016) of the Plan Vivo Foundation is now available for download. Highlights of the year include: Biennual stakeholder conference in Sigtuna, Sweden Issuance of overall 2.22 million certificates Project pipeline of 41 projects Transaction of 860,000 Plan Vivo Certificates (PVCs) in 2015

New Project Videos

Latest Videos from Plan Vivo Projects     Latest Videos of Projects in the Plan Vivo Pipeline     Latest Videos of Projects in the Plan Vivo Pipeline     Latest Videos of Projects in the Plan Vivo Pipeline     Latest Videos of Projects in the Plan Vivo Pipeline    

SHAMBA – New Video

SHAMBA – a carbon accounting tool that promises to make community driven climate projects even more viable, while also making these projects more transparent to balanced businesses who invest in them. This is carbon accounting software that sets out to make it easier and affordable for rural communities and grass roots project developers to create […]

Plan Vivo Annual Report

Plan Vivo’s 2014-2015 Report is now available for download. For the first time, we’ve measured our environmental footprint with the support of Zeromission AB. We’ll be offsetting our carbon footprint through COTAP whose transparent model supports four Plan Vivo projects.

COP21 and the Global Landscapes Forum

The 21st Conference of the Parties (COP21) will take place from the 30 November to 11 December, 2015, in Paris. Governments from around the world will convene with the aim of agreeing on a new global climate change agreement that prevent global temperatures from rising more than­ 2°C. We will be present at COP21 and […]

Carbon investors and smallholders: a symbiotic relationship

IIED Briefing on Plan Vivo Projects in the SDG context Ina Porras, Senior Researcher at IIED, recently published a briefing paper examining the relationship between carbon investors and smallholders in the context of the Plan Vivo system. She examined how Plan Vivo projects offer PV certificate buyers an opportunity to align their carbon offsetting efforts […]

Plan Vivo Stakeholder Meeting 2015

The Plan Vivo Stakeholder Meeting 2015 was held on September 28-29, 2015 in Sigtuna, Sweden. The biennial meeting was held a few days after the official adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also called Global Goals, on the 25th of September in New York City. The SDGs are a global commitment to transform the […]

Upcoming Event: Plan Vivo Stakeholder Meeting 2015

The Plan Vivo Foundation (PVF) is celebrating its biennial Stakeholder conference – a great opportunity to share successes, discuss challenges and set a roadmap for the coming years. Scandinavian, and in particular Swedish organisations, have shown determined leadership when it comes to climate change and wider sustainability efforts. In honour of their and Zeromission’s support […]