Plan Vivo Guidance Manual for Reducing Locally-Driven Deforestation

Technical Docs

Plan Vivo REDD+ Guidance Manual

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Some Third-Party Resources and Tools which may be of use can be found here:


  • Ecometrica Protocol: Above-ground biomass survey for projects that aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation and forest degradation. Download
  • BioCarbon Fund Methodology for Estimating Reductions of GHG Emissions from Mosaic Deforestation:
  • Building REDD+ Capacity in Developing Countries: Link to site
  • RECOFTC: Assessment of REDD+ Training Needs and Supply in Six Countries in the Africa and Asia-Pacific Region. Download
  • Country Needs Assessment: Report on REDD+ Readiness Among UN-REDD Programme and FCPF Member Countries. Download
  • Pedagogy and Adult Training: A Trainer’s manual: Download
  • A Training of Trainers Manual for REDD+ for Community-level Facilitators: Download
  • Climate Change and the Role of Forests: Link to site