Registration costs and fees

There are certain core costs and fees involved in registering a Plan Vivo project with the Plan Vivo Foundation. The Plan Vivo Foundation is a registered charity and fees are designed to cover costs only.  Registration costs including validation estimates are shown in the table below:




Project Idea Note (PIN) review Desk review by the Plan Vivo Foundation $750 (fixed)
Project Design Document review (including one Technical Specification) Desk review by the Plan Vivo Foundation $1,000 (fixed)
Validation Visit to project site by expert review to assess capacity of project coordinator and check implementation of systems $5,000 – $10,000 estimate (depending on the rate of the expert reviewer. $5,000 represents a lower estimate for a small project i.e. <100ha using an expert reviewer. Using an accredited organisation for validation will push up costs to at least $9,000)
Technical specification review (separate from PDD) Peer review by Technical Advisory Group and wider experts $400 per tech spec (fixed). Assume e.g. 4 tech specs = $1,600 total
Review of validation report and project registration Desk review and finalisation of project registration by Plan Vivo Foundation $500 (fixed)
PDD Updates Re-Submission of PDDs* Minor updates will incur no cost. More substantial changes should be discussed with the Foundation Secretariat in advance. Costs will vary.
Technical Specification Update Re-submission of Technical Specifications* $100 – $400 (* Minor updates will incur no cost. More substantial changes should be discussed with the Foundation Secretariat in advance. Costs will vary.)
Total $7,650 – $13,850 (estimated)

Development costs

Project development costs can vary considerably depending on the size, location and complexity of the project, and on the capacity of the project developer and requirement for  initial external support e.g. technical support.

Start-up funding

The Plan Vivo Foundation does not provide start-up funding to projects.

Information on funding can be found at the following websites:

Climate Funds Update Provides information on international fund initiatives, including lists of previously funded  projects.

Terra Viva Grants Directory develops and manages information about grants for agriculture, energy, environment, and natural resources in developing countries.

Current projects have sourced start-up funding (for initial project development costs) from sources including DFID, USAID, the EU, the Waterloo Foundation, and from up-front payments or investment by purchasers.

Operational costs

Project operational costs of course depend on the scale and nature of the project. To access example information on other projects’ running costs, project developers can read existing Plan Vivo projects’ annual reports (found on the individual project pages) which include information on running costs and distribution of benefits within the project.