Our Approach

  • A tested approach for community land use and forestry programmes

hiniduma men with seedling

Plan Vivo is a certification body that administers the Plan Vivo Standard – a tried and tested framework for community land use and forestry projects that strive to make a difference. We certify projects that demonstrate sustainability over the long-term and oversee projects to ensure they truly benefit people’s livelihoods and sustain vital ecosystems. Plan Vivo is internationally recognised for its focus on ethical and fairly-traded climate services, meaning a greater share of climate finance (60+%) reaches those who most need it.

  • Results-based performance links to carbon finance and/or PES

By quantifying ecosystem services, demonstrating good governance and measuring performance every year, Plan Vivo allows for results-based payments to project participants. Projects thus generate Certificates, representing one tonne CO2e plus a range of non-carbon benefits (climate adaptation, biodiversity protection, water provision, etc.) Certificates can be sold on the voluntary carbon market, used solely for CSR purposes or with particular supporters and donors, to generate funds for project activities. Payments to participants are either indirect to community funds (e.g. for micro-enterprise development, hospital bills, etc) or via cash payments to farmers (where appropriate).

A landscape approach

Project interventions may include any improved land-management activities that can generate quantifiable climate services, and benefit the livelihoods of participants and local ecosystems. Activities are undertaken by smallholders and community groups on their own land, and designed with the full participation of local communities. Plan Vivo projects follow a ‘whole landscape’ approach; they are normally made up of multiple participants and potentially also multiple project interventions, depending on the needs and priorities of the communities involved. This means that projects can be made up of a single area or many separate project areas (e.g. many smallholdings) across a landscape, and can expand programmatically over time.

A flexible standard for different contexts

No two Plan Vivo projects are the same in their aims, context or design. It is crucial that PES projects are designed to fit with local circumstances, meaning the standard is designed to be flexible and practical to use. It is designed to work in different geographic, socioeconomic and legal contexts, and is developed in close consultation with its users including projects, purchasers of Plan Vivo Certificates and other stakeholders.